Friday, May 31, 2013

How I got involved with the individuals

In May 2011, I had the honor of chaperoning Coshocton County's Board of DD's annual prom. My 4-H group was asked by the planner of the prom to help out with the event. When my Advisor asked me, I knew I would really enjoy it, so I volunteered a Friday evening. I arrived to the dance location in plenty of time before the dance to help set up the place in their Hawaiin theme. My duty once the clients began coming was to stand at the door to greet them and give them each a Hawaiin lay. Once everyone had arrived and the lays were all handed out, the dancing fun began. I got the pleasure to dance the night away with some pretty awesome people that completely changed my life forever!
You could be the worst dancer in the world and still be a superstar dancer in those individuals' eyes. They don't care how good of a dancer they or you are, as long as everyone is having fun. The smiles never left the clients' faces the whole night.
A little after 8p.m. when the dance was over, my 4-H club began to pick up and clean all the decorations up. A fellow in a green Health Services of Coshocton shirt that was with a client the whole evening came up to me and asked me if I could talk to his client for him. He said that his client had been watching me all night and just wanted to say hey to me. I agreed, but little did I know that the client wasn't the one that wanted to talk to me to get my name and say was the man with the client!
Later that week I got a text from him. Come to find out, his name was Devin Rivera and he wanted to know if he could take me on a date! He said he couldn't quit watching me at the dance, but thought I was older than I was and was too scared to come and ask me for my information.
That client that he took to the dance that night I had the opportunity to work with one-on-one with for nine short months after Devin got me a job where he worked. That client passed away in April of 2012, but he always told me that "If it weren't for Devin, you would be mine!" He always told me how lucky Devin was to have me as his girlfriend and that he would kick his butt if he ever did anything to hurt me. He had my back no matter what! He was such a special man and will forever be missed.
To this day, Devin and I are still together and we both still work at Health Services of Coshocton, where we provide one-on-one time with the clients. We also coach the Hopewell Indians Basketball team and the Hopewell Indians Softball team. Our life revolves around those clients! They can brighten anyone's day!

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