Saturday, June 1, 2013

How my job involves the DD clients

I work at a non-profit home health organization in Coshocton County, known as Health Services of Coshocton County. I have my STNA and work with the Home Health, Extra Care, Passport and Waiver programs. The Waiver program is the one involving the clients. There are different levels of services to offer to the patients, in which is funded through the County Board. Each level allows so many levels of hours of services per week and the different level of objectives that we work with the clients on.
Each client has their own Individualized Service Plan(ISP). This plan tells us staff what we need to work with the client on. These skills can be anything ranging from how to cook meals, to traffic safety, to better management of money. We work with these clients in their home or in the community.
We have company vehicles in which we can transport the clients into the community to complete errands, shopping, activities, or even doctor appointments. Some clients even like us to go out to eat with them. Most clients like us to do activities with them including watching movies at the movie theatre, going walking with them, playing backyard basketball or softball with them, or just going shopping with them. The purpose of our services to the client is to reach certain skill level goals with them and to provide a source of freedom out in the community.
Under the Waiver program, we are also able to transport them with our company vehicle to the Hopewell Indians athletic practices and games. Those players on the basketball, softball, and bowling teams that are part of Health Services generally rely on us to take them to and from practices and games. This also gives the parents some freedom and stress relief of transportation purposes.
Depending on the level of services needed, each day a staff member may be in with the client for one hour, or sometimes up to about eight hours a day. It makes it nice for the younger clients' parents that work and need someone to stay with their children during the day while they are at work, Our services allow us to do this, as long as they have funding from the Board.
All of the clients that us staff have on a regular basis are like family to us. When we are in with them on a regular schedule, you can't help but become attached although they say you shouldn't. The clients enjoy their freedom out into the community that they receive from our services and are always looking forward to and making plans for our next visit in with them!

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