Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hopewell Industries Trips

Throughout each year, the staff and clients at the Hopewell Industries go on several outings and vacations. These outtings include a day off work to go out to eat, to get coffee, go to pottery houses to make pottery, to the movies, or to the mall. The clients sign up ahead of time to take the day off of work, and they are responsible for the small fees to attend the events. The vacations on the other hand are once a year to places out of state. There are a limited number of clients that are allowed to go, and staff assist them on their trip, in which they take a tour bus for transportation.
Most of the clients enjoy the frequent day-long outings, as it is an opportunity for them to get out of work and into the community with their staff and friends. The most popular outings are the restaurant, shopping, movie and Cedar Point trips. The Cedar Point trip occurs each year in May sometime, weather permitting. This past month they were unable to go due to thunderstorms. Therefore, the event got rescheduled for sometime in June or July.
Some of the past vacation spot destinations include Nashville, TN and Washington, D.C. This year, the group is going to Myrtle Beach. They will be leaving June 6th and will be gone about six days. The clients are all looking forward to it. They will be split up by gender, in groups of four and assigned to a staff member while down there. This group will room together in the hotel. They will spend their days shopping, enjoying the beach, enjoying each other's company and going to attractions down there. The main attraction that they are planning on going to this year is the Pirates Voyage. They will enjoy a dinner and show there. I have been there and I know that the clients will just love the experience!
They are responsible of paying a lump sum ahead of time, that covers transportation costs, room costs, Pirates Voyage ticket, and a couple of meals. The clients will be responsible for taking spending money and a little food money to eat on. All of the clients that I have talked to are already packed up and ready to leave Thursday! They look forward to these vacations all year round, as some don't get vacations with their families each year.

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