Saturday, June 1, 2013

What Hopewell Offers

Hopewell offers schooling to the school age and also an adult work program (Hopewell Industries) for those individuals that are graduated from high school. The school offers pre-school through twelth grade, and the work program offers work opportunities to individuals of any age after graduation. There are employees there clear up into their eighties.
The school portion of Hopewell is ran similar to a regular school system, just serving those with disabilities. They participate in classes like gym and art, just like your typical children and adolescents do.
The adult work program offers services that allow individuals to work for a little pay. They even help the higher-functioning individuals find work out in the real world field. For example, some of the clients work in area nursing homes in housekeeping and the kitchen washing dishes. When they work out of the Industries, they have the opportunity to make a lot more money. The clients enjoy working outside of the Industries as well, as it provides the opportunity for them to feel more freedom with a normal job, to make more money and make new friends.
Some advantages of the Hopewell school, is that they offer speech therapy during class time, as well physical and occupational therapy. The students also receive one-on-one help with their everyday life skills. Adaptive equipment is available for those students needing it, during their lunch time. Staff is available on hand, to help in feeding. For those individuals that can't talk, computers are available in order to communicate with the staff and other peers. They also use head pointers to communicate to one another. The teaching curriculum is more individualized per student, including their developmental skills per student. Individuals would not be able to receive theses types of services from an average public school.
The school offers transportation, via a bus, just as a public school does. When the weather is bad, the school cancels too. As for the Industries, they offer a shuttle bus to pick clients up to take them to and from work. While at work, they get an hour lunch break where they can walk to get food, pack their own lunch or buy a lunch at the Industries. When the weather is bad, they too cancel work. While the school is only in session for four quarters, the Industries is open year round, excluding their Winter break around Christmas time. The Industries is also off for holidays.

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