Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Annual Showcase Talent Show

Each year the Hopewell Industries hosts a Talent Show for the clients to exhibit their talents. They refer to the event as "The Showcase." Any individual working at the Industries is eligible to participate. The acts range from anything from singing or dancing, to reading poems and history stories. The annual event usually takes place every March.
This past year, the judges for the Showcase were the Occupational Therapy Assistant students from Zane State College, and a Hopewell staff member. The judging panel consisted of eight judges. They determined the five awards to be handed out at the end of the event. These awards included: The Voice, America's Got Talent, Shon Connors Award, American Idol, and the People's Choice.
The clients all sign up awhile in advance in order to give them plenty of time to practice and prepare for the big day. They put a lot of time practicing their acts at the home on their own time, as well as rehearsals at the Industries, closer to the event date. During the show, staff are on hand to keep the acts in line and keep the show rolling. The event is held at the Industries and is open to the public.
A well-known client to the Industries that passed away during a scheduled surgery loved to sing and was a huge Rascal Flatts and Journey fan. They created an award this year in his remembrance. They based the recipient of this award off of who Shon would have picked to win it. This year a client just so happened to sing a Rascal Flatts song and he put so much effort into the act. The judges knew that was who Shon would have wanted to win it.
The other awards are based off of who the judges feel puts the most effort into their song. This year The Voice award went to a young lady that sang "You're Beautiful." She sang the song all on her own with just the music, no lyrics. It was obvious just how much time and practice she put into her act.
The American Idol award went to a young man that impersonated Elvis. He enjoys dressing up like him and lip singing and dancing to his songs on stage. The best part is that he looks just like Elvis!
The America's Got Talent award went to a young man that created his own rap. He wrote it and rapped it all on his own. It was a real good one to! The whole crowd loved him!
The last award is the People's Choice Award, which went to one of Hopewell's most-known clients. He is the "class clown" of Hopewell Industries. He is always saying and doing things to make people laugh. For his act, he went on stage with a guitar and a hat on sideways to sing a rock song. The crowd fell in live with the act!
Next year's event will take place sometime in March.

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